3 Holes

“Among those gorgeous love stories, here is one, that got darker”- self Aryan, I cannot come tomorrow. Some guests are coming and I won’t be able to step outside. You can plan something with your friends. Okay Anya, but did you speak to mom about us? It has been 2 years since we are datingContinue reading “3 Holes”


She called me a night earlier and said that she was leaving. I asked her where and if we could meet. She said she is leaving forever and left the call. I know she was crying and she lft the call because she didnt want to hear me crying.  The night was the hardest toContinue reading “​A BOY AND A GIRL”

An autorickshaw girl

An evening started with running on marine drive asusual. I had my headphones on and was listening to my hey you, pink floyd. I just love pink Floyd. All my friends call me Floyd but my name in nitin. I had many affairs but none went successful. I am financial advisor with AOP finance company.Continue reading “An autorickshaw girl”

Just when i saw him..

He walked straight, as if walking towards me but no, he was simply walking. It wasn’t love at first sight, but a glimpse that caught me somewhere and I wanted him to walk towards me. Not everything happens our ways hence it didnt… I still call it, “it happened but happened the wrong way”. LoveContinue reading “Just when i saw him..”

He and she

“I get up alone and i sit, i walk and i live to mourn… I sleep without you and wait to let my life reach you… To all those mornings and nights, to all those happiness and fights… To sunrise and sunset… to all the things you get… Up in the sky when i see,Continue reading “He and she”