To the world and to its people,

To life and its shadow,

To the stars and its silver lining,

To the moon and its light,

To the nature and the fierce sun

I want to shout out loud,

That I am broken…

Inside- out

Everything I doubt,

Place I live,

Are those people or the crowd?

Top to bottom

The trust has rotten,

Faith hurts often,

Love has forgotten,

All I know

Is that I am broken…

Walking the street,

Alone at night,

Fallen leaves and no light,

Fear is at a great height,

Courage has gone on a night diet,

He comes from the back,

And he smiles bright,

He takes me on a stranded site,

I close my wrist tight

And I back fight,

Humanity has fallen

Like a no string kite,

I run and I hide

But I am broken inside…

Stitching my wings

Leaving the past,

I move forward

With the world so vast

We vow to love & peace,

But we bow to the blast..

I still strangle to stand up again

But time travels so fast..

I gather the broken pieces

Sitting alone aghast..

Looking in the mirror

I see the real masks

Nothing that exists can really last

All I am is a broken cast…

What you shatter, you cannot revive

What you break, you cannot fix,

What you lose you cannot gain ,

What you fake you cannot real

What dies cannot be lived,


what is faded can be colored,

what is dark can be lit,

what is less can be more

what is hate can be love

what is sad can be happy

what ends can start over

“Leaving broken wings, i start to walk”- a Hope




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  1. I love this poem! Thanks so much for choosing to follow my blog, “The Tip of My Iceberg.” I will return the favor–your insights and passion are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey
    So happy and surprised to see your talent of writing. You made a fan today, I will be following your blog from now onwards.

    Specially I like the transition from pain to hope in “I AM BROKEN”.


    Liked by 1 person

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