Little smiles

Thank god to the wonder,

She was born 

Thank god to the wonder,

The days has come to rejoice and not to mourn,

Thank god to that wonder,

Our little fairy was born…
To the day she walked,

To that moment she talked,

To the time she loved us all..

Thank god to the wonder 

That it gave us a cherished doll…
She taught me to live,

In the moment and in the flow,

She taught me to laugh,

And that made our life glow..

What else I could ask my lord,

As the lord presented with the “gift of Life”

What more could I seek,

When the joyous life is at its peak…

Her little toes,

Her whispering smiles,

I dream her to walk with me for many many miles…
Her cotton fingers,

Her babbling lingers,

Her curly hair and her blue eyes, 

The peace in them truly lies…
Beamed! When she crawled towards me,

Love and happiness is all what I see,

A look at my girl

And all my pain just flees…
I waited for her first step,

As I held her hand and showed the path,

I brushed her and made her bath…

I cooked and she cherished,

I made her embellished…
Sometimes I brought her cheer and sometimes a tear,

Sometimes I scolded and sometimes I was a dear..

Sometimes I was a Dad and sometimes a Mom,

I was a real parent in its true form… 

Sometimes we were friends and other times we fought,

Her presence made my life sort…

She was my princess and I was her king

I danced and she used to sing..

She was growing young and I was growing old,

Her beauty was priceless as much as the gold,

It was for her I got myself mold,

Into a character of bold…
She charmed us all,

And I promised to hold her whenever she would fall.

She smiled and we cared, 

Everyday happiness was cheered..

Life seemed fair

Smiles we wear

Life got another 6th gear.
A night before her 8th birthday,

A hot night in the dark of may,

We hugged while we lay

We both planned her big day..
I asked her if she wanted a gift

She asked for a life forever, so swift..

We closed our eyes to sleep well,

To let us togetherness swell…
It was here, the day of excitement,

A pink long dress with a flowery scent..

The giggling sounds all around me,

Her happiness and cheerful smile is all I could see…

It was a day my daughter grew an year more,

the day she grew more pure…
I went out to buy a little girl her cake

She chose a little Barbie and asked her aunt to bake…

On our way back

her aunt and I did a little chat,

we reached and resplendently! I knocked.

I knocked, knocked and knocked

Got worried if you were locked 

To the next window I walked…

I shouted your name but you didn’t reply

I got scared to my grave and I won’t lie..

I broke the door, searched for you inside,

I swear it was no time to hide..

If you didn’t say that word, I would have cried

But when I saw you, I died…
A day to rejoice was now to mourn,

Your aunt fell down..

Tears slowly rolled, the cake of Barbie was on floor

My heart shredded and life got tore,

When I saw my little girl on the floor..

She lay silently, naked in the pool of blood,

Some monsters ate my little bud…
I took you in my arms and ran to the hospital

I begged the doctors to save my little girl…

They kept you inside the room for a while,

Just like you dreamt to walk, the doctor walked the aisle. 

He came near me and whispered, 

“Your daughter is no more”, was what he said…
Just like you did one day, I crawled down completely torn..
I shouted to the death of my smile

I cursed the devil of my torments

I accused the exasperating justice

I challenged the strength of mine…

Love in me got ebbed away 

Hatred was all I had, 

The day after day I got nothing more than just being mad,

My little smiles was all I had

But life got blunt and took it all far,

And there was no one to smile and call me a dad…


There are no nights when I don’t dream about you,

There are no times when I don’t miss my little you,

Years passed but nothing changed, 

My life became a run and I got caged…

All the burden, 

All the justice, 

All the pain,

All the vain…

All my tears 

And all my fears…

All the promises I made,

All the passing dates

All the promises that did fade,

All the love and hate,

All the dreams I did create

All my life that I spent in a wait…

All the dreams

All the grins

All the whines

All the bribes,

All the junk of files,

Only lays the life of my “little smiles”…

… to every man who has faced it and is fighting for it… 



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  1. Pabitra brahma May 21, 2018 — 1:32 am

    Flawless creativity. Just one line “I love u dear”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A very well narrated poetry…!!!


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