Ocean_fire: An Island


Lit me up and I show you the path,
Blow the wind and I show you the dark…
I sprinkle the sparkle in your eyes,
If you hold me high
I will light your lives…

Don’t hate me for what I do,
I do not learn
To kill or to burn,
Don’t hate me to hurt you,
B’coz this is what I do:
I wake you up in the morning
I heat what you bring
I give you my warmth,
Selflessly, I give you my life…

I am sitting on the sand,
Slowly brightening the night,
Gazing at moon,
The near couple makes another life…
It makes me think,
Of finding my love,
It makes me wonder
Where will I find her?
I look at them,
And feel their coziness,
Eyes of them
Had love more and lust less.

I think of compassion
And then I think of love,
Every day when I light,
I think of the ocean.


 I go up and down,
Touching the sand white or brown…
I go up and down like a
Circus clown
And then I go up and down
Sometime I smile and sometimes I frown…

I am the mirror to those lovely clouds
And to that thunder that shouts out loud…
I am the luscious quilt to the immersed life
The sound of my tides makes them jive…
I am the ocean
I reflect the rays of the mother sun
At night, the sky reflects dark and the moon light lit
Far from me, sits the fire and in her own way glits…

she flairs and I grin
I sadden, when she dims
I amuse, when she lits again 


She looks like an orange gown, with red gems flaring upon
she dominates those feelings i show,    I submit to the love that flow,                   I force myself to reach till her, the moment she dims it all blurs


what are you looking?
you want me to dance or sing?
i will fly to you if i had my wing
if i come closer you just dim
then , what are you looking?


i am so hot and you are so cold
you and me , we both mold
you are the silver, i am the gold
if i come closer, will you hold??


yes i will hold and then i will kiss
i will take you with me,away from the sand
then don’t miss
your crazy sand…


crazy is you and your mind
your love is crazy, i am so kind..
fire is not for you, it is someone else that you need to find…


i am sad to leave my home
ocean is not where i can live
and land is not where you are from…

if i come to you, i will die
staying away will be a lie
how and when our knot will tie??


we can fly
our home will be the sky…

cloudy cushions will hide us away,
angry thunders will fight when you will say,
ride on planes will make our day,
when you will be the bride,
sunshine will make its way…

twinkling stars will lit the aisle
the round moon across the mile,
will stand on it while i say , “i do”
i will grin when you would say “you do,too”..

blushingly and happily
i will run to you..
what is your promise and what will we do??

i will come closer,
like a lucsious fur..

no, you don’t play with the will of god,
it is not you or i, it is call of lord..
fire and ocean cannot meet
your love will never fleet
you learn the anger of god
with the thunder at night it will show…
you learn the apprehension with the higher waves it will flow…


if it is to learn the nature,
the fire and i will meet tonight..
under the sky , in the mood light,
will make our future bright..

i will bring myself with full force
tonight we meet with love dose…
to you when i see, i feel the lust
when we will merge, the shine will burst…


the high swirls

like the wavy curls…
the shining night
like the mesmerizing sight…
a nature fight
like the sparking light…

our swirls got higher
the lords have our love admire…
the thunder have our lust conspire…

what more to ask what more to say??
the night has passed following a new day…


i wished you to be the the most beautiful girl,

with long hair and a body of pearl…
i wished to love you for life,
in your beauty, i wished to dive..

i wished to love you forever,
together we stay, divide we never..


“love stays even when its form changes”



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  1. Thank you for sharing ..
    And me let see…
    It wonderful and so sweet…

    I pray n wish good greeting for u …. To succeed…. N be great … kind be just the are U .

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  2. Beautifully written 😊 Loved it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t believe this🙈🙈
    Start getting ur books published
    Or go paid blogging get a website
    God!! Am I from the same family?? Pl help


  4. Superb….mind blowing…hope to see more…soon

    Liked by 1 person

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