She called me a night earlier and said that she was leaving. I asked her where and if we could meet. She said she is leaving forever and left the call. I know she was crying and she lft the call because she didnt want to hear me crying. 
The night was the hardest to pass and the morning was the most difficult to ignore.

We knew we would have to end like this one day when she decide to get married to an American but it was not easy to accept the reality. 

There were no words required… What we lived noone else could have lived a relation like that….but what we had, noone can ever steal away from us. It was another segment of love. We are attached with souls and none can change that. 

I met her an year back. Just like any movie, i saw her driving. She was driving terribly almost banged a rickshaw. I laughed but then she was beautiful and i was in love and just like any other boy i stopped her car. She was drunk and crying. I asked her what happened and she hugged me and started crying. I was startled. This never happened. I expected a scold or get lost kind of words. Like any other boy i felt heaven but then i was worried for this strange girl and i kept my hand around her. I asked her to quite and explain about problem so we both could solve. She said, ” she broke up with a boy and he was not returning her bracelet.” Since that strange day, we are together as a still couple. We meet, we share, we laugh, we hug, we kiss, we cuddle, we love, we cry, we talk, no actually for this she talks and i listen, we share, we shout, we eat, we drink, and we do all this together. 

Isn’t it a wonderful relationship?

Her flight left. I waited entire day for her text but there was no message. But i could feel she reached safely. . Days passed and i didn’t receive a call. My curiosity increased bt as i promised her i could not message or call. 

The more beautiful our relationship the uglier it was. It was ugly because she ws about to get married and i was not the groom. Hence we decided to stay like soul mates for ever but we also decided not to reveal about us to anyone. It was ugly to do that. I could share my real reason of happiness and joyfulness, i couldn’t share my heart palpitations when i heard about her engagement. We lived in acceptance and we lived it together… 

We complete each other by being in an incomplete relationship.

I remember our hug. We went to our favorite spot and there she hugged me. She kept her hand on my chest and said,” i am going away soon” she felt the beat going intense and fast. I smiled and congratulated. We sat in silence for the rest of the time.

Things never changed between us but i knew she would leave one day ad then she left. 

In 1 year she has made a man of honor. I did everything to put a smile on her face. I did everything to wipe her tears some days. I did everything to surprise her some times. I did everything to make her sleep some nights. 

But she left. She left in honor. 

A relationship, near or far, that generates love and respect equally is a relationship that never ends.

Another year passes and e stayed stronger. Chatting disappeared and time flew faster. We spoke less and we shared little. We got busy in our lives but nothing faded. That was the promise made before we started our relationship. We promised never to fade and never to hide. We promised never to stop loving hence we kept our promise and 3 years passed.

I got married to another girl. My love for my wife was true. 

Nain and i were fading with time. Responsibilities were too much and distance was too far to maintain. We could hardly talk once a month. 

She became a mother. It was a boy and we decided to keep same names of our children. Hence he was named Zair. After 1 year i named my son Zair. It meant “thread of love” and it meant us. 

Time changed and i was getting older, so was she. Our strange relationship was getting more strange. I never expected to have someone like i had her. She got a golden retriever and so did i. We namex each “diamond”.

The relationship was all on the fragrance we had. There was no touch but i could still feel her around. 

She called me one day. It was her last call. We decided never to call each other again. It was still beautiful in its own way. She wanted me to live only and only for my family hence forever of my life i did what she said and i am sti doing that happily. I never rejected her request and so i responded and respected it for the last time. 

She was dying. As to her last wish, she wanted me to send her my t-shirt and she wated to die wearing that. She asked not to speak a single word hence i listened. I listened to her carefully and deeply knowing there will be no voice again. She asked me to love my family and only family forever. 

I went to my home and took my red t-shirt out. We bought it together. I packed it and couriered. 

She clicked a photo and send it to me. I printed that photo and kept it safe in my locker. She never called or messaged. Neither did i. She was wearing my t-shirt and black pants. She got skinny and she was bald yet the most beautiful woman​ i ever met. 

I took my family out for dinner one evening. I was having my dinner and we all were discussing life happily. I took a spoon of rice, and it fell. My heart beat raised to a level and i knew she left forever. 

It is a story of a boy and a girl, love doesn’t mean to be together it means to be in love forever… 

The end



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  1. Wow! My heart felt the whole story. Beautifully wonderfully happy and sad, wistful. Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg … Wounderful Sakshi , I can’t explain u .. what I ve gone through while reading this story … Ufff … Actually all love stories don’t ve happy ending 😒… !


  3. Omg … Wounderful Sakshi , I can’t explain u .. what I ve gone through while reading this story … Ufff … Actually all love stories don’t ve happy ending 😒… !


  4. Epic. The best love story ever… 🙂


  5. Epic .. best love story


  6. O my God. Was literally living in it. You’ll definitely develop my interest in reading!
    Thanks for writing this n making me feel in love. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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