An autorickshaw girl

An evening started with running on marine drive asusual. I had my headphones on and was listening to my hey you, pink floyd. I just love pink Floyd. All my friends call me Floyd but my name in nitin. I had many affairs but none went successful. I am financial advisor with AOP finance company. Totally settle ith a house and car. I am still a child at heart, but a man at brains. All my friends had someone in thier lives. I wanted someone too but this time i wanted to settle with her.

Oh! I forgot to tell that I was a painter before. I did my first painting in 3rd standard. Since then i have grown my interest in the same field. I was 22 years old when i fell in love with a girl. I am 26 now. She loved colors and so did i. She would laugh and i would paint that, she would cry nd i will color it. My room was full of her paintings. I was 24 years old when she died. It was a car accident. She took away all my colors and since then i nevet colors anything. I never picked my brush and my palates again.

This is my story, a small story of a girl, i never saw, of a girl i dreamt, of a girl i searched and about my second love. This is my second love story which has ended before it begun.
It was a causal evening. I was running in my shorts and a t-shirt. I was standing on marine signal. It is very common to see girls sitting in autorickshaw in Mumbai. I was waiting for green light and my eyes caught a glimpse of a yello auto. There were 3 girls sitting in it. What caught me was her hair. They were too long to ignore. Her hair was all over. It was coming out of that auto. The other bike person had to turn few steps back as he hair caught into his eyes. She was a wearing a blue short dress. Her shrug was white net and it touched her ankle. She touched the handle and put her one leg outside and apologized to that bike person. I laughed on her innocence. I wanted her to make her hair go back so i could see her. She sat back with her on the handle. Her red nail paint highlighted her hands that i couldn’t stop starring. She lowered her eyes to see outside. Her hair covered her face. She looked at me starring at her. She moved herself in and covered her one leg. The signal went green and i left. Her outline stayed in my mind till midnight.

Being a painter, i cpuld imagine people my way but i tried so hard that night to imagine her face. She was pretty and i missed to see that. I stopped usong colors but i new i had to draw to get her picture out of my mind. So i took my pencil and a sheet. I had to put an impression to keep my mind fresh.

I called my friends at my place and showed them. We all decided to find her and meet her. 10 days past, not even a clue.

I forgot the issue nd moved on. But everyday at the same time i went at the same signal and waiting for the same auto. But she didn’t turn up.

It was Riya’s birthday party and she celebrated at Biwas island. It was 11pm when we, 20 people were shouting and giving her birthday bumps. We all were badly drunk and tired. So we planned stay at the beach for sometime.

I love sand, that each particle of sand touching my skin is the feeling i ever had. Sometimes i feel sand will take me away. Sand symbolises acceptance to me. It accepts sea in such a way like two souls meet. Water touches each particle of sand and sand completely covers itself with water. This is best relationship. And when we lie down on the two soul mates, we reach heaven and that is those twinkling stars.

While i rested, i heard some music. Noone else did. All i heard was pink Floyd, “hey you out there in the cold”. I stood up and went to other side where there was a hut. There was a girl dancing on that song. I could have never imagined someone dancing on hey you. I couldn’t see her as it was too dark. I sw her white dress and long hair. For a matter i thought it was her hence i approached. I went closer,

And she got conscious. She fell down but i caught her on time. I felt the way sea felt the sand. I saw that twinkling eyes, that soft sandy body. She turned around, took her robe and left. I stood still till i realised what just happened. I looked around but she was gone. I went back and tod everyone about it. We searched around and later got back home at 3am in the morning.

For few days i imagined her laughing, smiling, blushing, dancing and running.

I imagined her to be mine. I took all my colors and brushed it on the sheet. I wanted it to come out of my mind and i wanted to make it real. Colors defined it accurately.

A few days later, there was an artist show at varine center. All artist off all fields gathered to show their art and win prizes. I took my last painting, named it: power of dreams for display. After few hours there was live performance of an artist on Pink Floyd, hey you. I ran towards auditorium but there no place to stand. So i went to back entry. I was standing near curtain and she took her last turn to bow in front of audience. She was the most beautiful person on this earth. She came towards the curtain. She was exactly what i drew and it was a dream come true.

She came near and smiled. I looked back and there was a man standing. They met and kissed and he congratulated her on her performance. I remember the last time i saw her hand, there was no ring. But, there was a ring when she met him.

In the meanwhile, my friends called me at the painting show. My painting got sold for Rs 60,000/- and they all congratulated me. The organizer asked me to personally escort my paintig to the man who put a price on it. For me it was priceless and i went to that man to inform about no sale. I wanted to keep it with me as my last memory.

So i went, and he turned. It ws him, the man who took her away. She was right there in front of me but i could not tell her that the women in the painting was her. He asked me to give that painting to her for an adorable performance. I didn’t want to keep it with me as i was more to see her seeing this painting every morning she would get up.

Unknowingly, we stayed together, caught in the glimpse of those colors that potrayed sand and sea….



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