Just when i saw him..

He walked straight, as if walking towards me but no, he was simply walking. It wasn’t love at first sight, but a glimpse that caught me somewhere and I wanted him to walk towards me. Not everything happens our ways hence it didnt… I still call it, “it happened but happened the wrong way”. Love is simply not my way.

What now? What do you want? Where are you going? Don’t ever talk to me again. Why are you not talking? Leave me alone, if you leave , will never talk… I never thought i would be like the creepy one, but it was so natural that i couldn’t help it either. 

To the kitkat bites to meeting near washroom to having lunch on same table to share a gum to stare all day long to hold hands quietly and to look back was all that i wanted and was all that he thought. A simple smile changed the day and a short glimpse made me blush. I changed, uncontrollably yet happily changed. 

Sometimes it rained so heavily that people around would run for shed, sometimes with no electricity people would get irritate, but then he would smile and i blushed would all that fly around. Love is the air, was a perfect fit. We were away from our homes, our lands and yet it felt our own, that i never wanted to leave. We became a family, a family destined to meet. He pulled me up whenever i felt low, i never pushed him back. 

We felt each and every single breath, we smelt the fragrance of our skin, we adored those hushed noises, we whispered, we tickled, we bit sometimes, we rolled, we kissed, i moaned and he loved..

We dreamt to be together. It was too soon to decide but a thought of leaving would damage our smiles. It was early to hold but not late. It was hushed up but not slow. 

We were there for only few months, hence the day was near to share good byes. The day was near to recite departing messages. We started to fight, we started to ignore. We started to share with others and we finally started to stop looking back. 

It was the an evening in the hotel, just a day before our flights. He came to see me in my room. He held my hand. He tightened the hold. He looked at me. He stared in my eyes. He hugged. He pressed me tightly and hugged. We stood in silence and we didnt utter any good bye. The words were less for the feelings we shared, the words emptied for that moment. It were the last few minutes we shared and we shared in silence of breath. 

The next morning, my roommate came to wake me up. I had fever hence i slet alone, without any air around, i closed my self in the blanket and slept all alone.

He came running, to see me in the room. Someone called the ambulance. I was brought dead. The fever caught me hard.

Those 3 months were the best days lived and lived forever

We rejoiced we mourned… We lived eternally 

Hence i quote, 

 “Destined to meet and destined not to be apart”


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  1. Wow i had goosebumps n tears. Its not easy to pendown feelings. Great write up. God bless u


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