My name is kevin and I was four years old when i had my first dream of an incident which disturbed me. In my dream i was walking on sand , pushing it away from skin and trying to save my camera. Everywhere people, kids and animals were screaming dying. It was lots of blood around and armies with tanks shooting people.

I was trying to save myself and i entered a small lane. The end of the lane was quite like noone knows about this end and so i continued. It was white stone and sand all over. I could barely see anyone or any tree. My vision was going blurred and i saw a girl. She was standing barefoot looking in front and had a dreamcatcher in her hand. I asked her and called her by name, she looks back and there is blast back there. So i turn around to see if anyone was coming but there was noone so i look back at her and she was gone. She left her dreamcatcher hanging on a tree. I stopped for a while and then went near that tree but when i touched it, it vanished.

Since then my every single dream was same and it scared my mother hence she introduced me to a doctor who would sit with me for hours and listen to my dreams. Nothing , no medication helped me and sometimes i started shouting about her in my dreams and that would wake everyone up. Time went by but dreams remained same. In some dreams i was able to see her face, i would draw it and and would show it to friends and family. It would bother me as i could never touch her but she always left a dreamcatcher for me..

She was beautiful as i imagined, i would draw her every singl time in my class. I could never form any relationship as i wanted to meet her and i could not find anyone as pretty as her. Time grew old and i was turned 18. My doctor gave me sleeping meds and i stopped seeing her in my closed eyes. I still remember days when i would wake up screaming about her. It made me crazy as everything i went close to her she would vanish leaving her dreamcatcher for me. Sometimes i would cry and other times i would start breaking things in frustation but in my sleeping. This really disturbed my parents. Many a times i slept with them to avoid such things. But on my 18th birthday i was presented those meds and for 2 years till now i could not see her again. The last i remember was her standing with it.

…. a new story began

I met sassy in college. She was studying journalism with me. As a specialisation she opted for war and i started with corporate. War and i stand nowhere and i never wish to see myself die with a bomb. Atleast it is not something i will choose. 2 years of specialisation and sassy me were living together. My mother was happy and i totally forgot about her. When we decided to shift, she offered me to start with her apartment so i packed my bags and agreed. When i first entered her room, i saw a dreamcatcher by the window. I was still for a moment and i started crying. She got so nervous and i had to tell her about my dreams. She laughed and said that every girl in her society has a dreamcather made by her parents while she left for college as a ritual. For a moment i thought it was her but then it was an illusion to think about anoone other than sassy.

After college we both got our jobs and life became fast and settled. I started working a COC world news which was centered to deliver about business all around the world. Everything was fine until another day i had a same dream. In war i saw my boss dying. Next day at office, he died of an heart attack and i ran to my doctor and told her the story. All i know was dreaming misery is not a good sign. World faced so many wars, but this was different. If i observe now, it was not a war, it was the army forcing people to mend by thier rules and it was not a lane, it was an escape to another world where there is noone but a power standing and asking me to catch my dreams. I was 22 and the dreams got stronger as if they are calling me. This time i didnt tell my mother or sassy. Sassy left for china and i was alone again.

It was like i was livin two lives. My dream was not less than a life to me now and i had to live it. I was so angry that i took that dreamcatcher from the wall and threw it away… nothing changed and dreams became real.

I remember, i was walking to my mother to rest some flowers on her and when i got up and looked, it was a lane, lighted and was waiting for me to enter. I was not following what came to me so it started following me. So i walked towards that aisle and it disappeared. My doctor was a hindu and hence, she suggested me to visit a hindu temple to help me live a normal life. I rejected the idea as i do not believe in superstition.

2 months later, on the SM lane, around 10 am while i was rushing for work, i saw her. Yes i saw her, she was wearing a long dress, holding a dreamcatcher and was calling me to hold her hand. I stood shocked. There was a bus coming from her back and i told her to move, i ran but the bus crushed her. When i reached at the spot, it was nobody. It was dream coming to life.

So i went back to my doctor and asked her to arrange my time in india. I left a day before. I was sitting in the plane and my eyes were closed. The plane started shaking, it was emergency siren and hostesses were running. We crashed on a barren land in a city named Liam. The guns started shooting towards our plane and everyone was hiding behind thier seats.. many of us were crash landed safely including out pilot. From the side i saw a tank coming and from the front it was an army with loaded guns. Out pilot was shouting for no shooting. I clicked photos and send it to my news channel but there was no signal. On the back side it was a forest, better than being shot at, i ran behind and called other passangers to quietly follow me. 7 of them came behind me and we were just following the forest to take us somewhere quiet. After 3 kms, they all rested but i continued to walk. I saw a montain and i had strength to follow the route. I needed signals to communicate hence i carried to move on.

After three hours i reached the peak. I was tired and i looked at the sky. It was a beautiful land full of forest and sand. What a combination, after the peak started the beach with no end. The sun was dawning and i hoped to catch a signal and there i see a women sitting on the edge of the mountain…

I didn’t make a voice, i slowly tappend my feet towards her. I kept my hand on her shoulder. It was for real and she looked above, straight at me. She stood and she held me. I held her neck and i hugged her so tightly.

“I dreamed to catch a dreamcatcher and found her to be the one..”

I started murmuring about her being real. She was so happy to be in my arms. She was so beautiful to be with

I touched her back to feel the dreamcatcher and she trimbled and we kissed.

Her smell was so natural and her sound was so perfect. Since then i lived with her till now.


Destiny is bound to happen…


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