He and she

“I get up alone and i sit, i walk and i live to mourn…
I sleep without you and wait to let my life reach you…

To all those mornings and nights, to all those happiness and fights…

To sunrise and sunset… to all the things you get…

Up in the sky when i see, all i remember are those days when “he lived with she”..”

In memory of all those who lost a loved one at the age when, looking up for another person to cope up is not an answer.

“The tea is on table and i am getting a newspaper”, an every morning story.

He: Isn’t it too early darling?

She: aren’t we too old for darling and love buds?

He: i want to love you each day like i loved you the day i met. Each day is same. I get up only with you voice and see you till the rest of my day. I never change this channel, it is my channel and you will always be my life…

It is 11 am, i opened my eyes the day after you went so far, nobody woke me up, nobody fought, nobody made tea and nobody laughed.. i raised my hand and touches the other side of the bed. You were not there and i wished you to shout from the kitchen… i looked up, i said,” i am not getting up till you wont ask me to”… i spent 2 more hours and nobody said a word.. i closed my eyes and imagines you to be there and a door bell rang. It was Neeta, she bought yellow flowers and hugged me tight and asked, ” dad, you have to be strong for us, for your daughters and for yourself”..

I know you would have been a stronger wife but i cannot be a stronger person without you.

It was 7 days after when i got up on time. I got up at 6 am and went for a walk.. i was walking down the road and sat on a bench in our Park. I smiled at few people and they came towards me. We started talking when i introduced you to them but when i looked at my side, you were not there…

“Happy birthday to my only husband… tell m what you want?” I want you for the rest of my life… “i promise to be with you for the rest of your life”…

You broke a promise that day. You were not there. So i turned and walked back to our room. I do not cry because i promised i will always make you happy for the rest of my life… i am growing up now but i am not strong. My strength is you and it will always be you.

After 15 days, it was the first time when i made tea. I made two cups. I believed you can never leave me so i made lunch for us. I made it everyday. But you never ate. I made bed for us, but you never came. I believed you were there as i never wanted to believe you were gone.

You don’t know but i hear birds chirping in our balcony. I hear kids playing and i hear water flowing but i don’t hear you anymore.. i still believe you talk to me, i am so old that i cannot hear you whisper.. door bell rang, flowers came in but i cannot believe you are gone…

“Neeta, come home fast, your father slipped and we need to go to hospital..”

It was 2 months later… i was playing a movie we loved. I was dancing and i fell on the floor. . .

It was all blurry. I opened eyes after 3 hours and i was still lying on the floor. I believed and i realised you were gone and you were never coming back or else you would have never let me down….

I play with birds, i do not take tea anymore, i watch tv and i go to park… i don’t look back to see you, i look up and i smile to love you even more…

It is a story of a man i know, a man who now lives his life with a truth

Sakshi bagga- “Irreplaceable pain can only be replaced with a smile: a smile for you and a smile to others”



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  1. Pabitra brahma May 18, 2018 — 3:11 pm

    Expression about bonding between two souls and narration of each minutes r speech less.keep writing .I m always with u.me and my son will stand by u in ur every wish.god bless u dear.

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  2. That is just so so beautiful! These little things like the early morning fights, the tea and everything matter so much. Great job!

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  3. You have composed your thoughts beautifully. Good Luck dear

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  4. beautiful, keep writing dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Essentiality of life is the brittle bonds , clinging together with an emotionally nurtured idea of an eternity.
    Well written narrative.

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  6. Touched. So emotional n beautiful to read. Well done

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  7. Really great expression,it touches the heart.Keep writing.

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  8. Heart – touching story.


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