Never say good bye again

“For someone very special”

I cried, not when it flamed..

Standing in a round circle around you, thinking about all the childhood memories, thinking maybe it was right to loose you, thinking about others when they see you.. it is not you who make us cry, it is those noises around. You don’t know this but he dressed you when you were gone. She cried when you didn’t respond and others stood still when you were lying under the white sheet. No, don’t wake up to the everyday misery, don’t wake up to the torments you suffered but sleep for the peace you will get.

You don’t know but a pot broke behind you with a loud sound making us all hear the noise which was whispered not in our ears but in everyone’s hearts and we cried. We all joined our hands and prayed in our hearts to make you the brightest star.

When i look around: i saw you flowing down in every drop of tear they had, i heard you in thier voices, i felt you in thier good byes and i learnt you in thier wishes.

Maybe you were calm when you laid on the pile of bricks, dreaming about a new life, you don’t know this but many wouldn’t let you leave. Is it love? One cried and the other held her shoulder, one fell and other lifted her, one cried and other wiped her shredded tears. One loved and other supported her. Yes, it is love when you hold a hand even when the hand doesn’t stay at all, it is love when you hug even when your arms are not raised. It is love when you don’t let go even when it is already gone.

It was the final time. We all got closer. We laid on your chest to feel the beat. It was nothing in it. You were voiceless but you let other listen to those noises. It wasn’t a good bye when men put you on thier shoulders. It wasn’t as heavy as the weight of the love you showered to all of them. When your little brothers picked the wooden pile, it was not hard to walk you down the ailse as much as it was hard to rhyme those lines that meant that you will never wake up again. I understand you cried a little when they lifted you up and walked you down. I know you chose to leave rather than live. But you don’t know that it was hard to let you go.

It was unfair when women were directed towards other end while men took you to the final step. I am sorry to let your daughters stand alone near you, but you don’t know that it would have been harder to say good bye like this.

They put you down under the sky, they made them put a wood stick around you, i saw you from the farthest and i saw the flames..

It is strange when a person becomes mere pieces of ash. You don’t know but they will let you float forever.

Your love is still under vain, he is nervous to know how will he live without you, how will he sleep without you, eat without you… all you could do is, never say good bye again..



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  1. Pabitra brahma May 18, 2018 — 3:37 pm

    Yes dear this the only truth everyone will meet one day. Keep it up.excellent

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  2. This is so hard to read even. Ur words are so deep. Thanks for pen downing all our thoughts .

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  3. A ritual of death brought alive in your words …

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  4. Sakshi…..that is such a true thing you wrote with deep meanings as well as true sentiments…..

    Keep blogging….. !!

    Himanshu jindal

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