“While I was brooding, he                                      beatifically voyager

He never saw a plane before, he claimed and I literally died laughing. I was 8 years old when I sat in the first time on the plane. He was 24 years old and still did not get a chance to do it. Was he kidding me?

It was 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon, we were sitting in the mall parking, confessing and decided to go on plane the following Sunday.

He looked at me confused, that how could I be so spontaneous. So, I asked him to be a man without limits which eventually offered his forehead wrinkles a rest. Well, cash was not a problem, but I had no idea what would I say at home. Hence we decided to have a return flight booked i.e like going in morning and coming back in the evening.

It was crazy, crazier when he agreed and the craziest when we started making a plan. Just two best friends, sitting in a parking lot, making plans to fly together was not normal for many other stereotypes out there.

We flirted couple of times, we cheered beers together, made lunch plans like no one else could, never abused, respected and loved like no one did. We were best friends.

Goibibo, 999/- for a return flight to Mumbai, made a day and we booked it right there. It was happening, it was crazy. No bags, just said waved at home like going for a class and reached the airport. His eyes bumped out when he saw a real plane. Before this, either the plane was flying or pictured in a Hollywood movie. It was 8 am, no rush, no hush. Everything got cleared till we reached the end and waited for the announcement of the gates. A sigh of nervousness, he was nervous for his first flight and I was nervous for the lie I told back at home. Eventually we both were nervous for different reasons.

I charged my battery fully so I could capture every single moment of his facial expression of the entire journey from the gate till we take off and of course the landing. He was completely bug-eyed. An expression, friend won’t miss to shoot. We were out of our minds to walk into the airport like this, but it was worth it. And the announcements begin. We kept it slow; it was an ecstatic moment for him. This was the first and the last time I let him sat on the window side.

It is just not the clouds or the plane, the first time when I sat, I developed my own philosophies and I wanted him to do the same. He looked outside, wobbled and looked me and said-“ life seemed like clouds, simply floating”. He was a best friend after all and he made his own philosophy just like I did.

Clouds are like big drops of sugar sprinkled on a plain cake. Not as important as a cake but looks beautiful and that was my first thought.

The landing announcement was as fast as his beat. He was drunk in the enthusiasm of his own walk out of territory marked by him. We reached Mumbai, the airport and then we sat on the port and decided what to do next.

This was it, we could go shopping, or eat something, or walk on marina or anything. It wasn’t it was for me. It was my turn to say something. My wrinkles turned to a tornado when a thought crossed my mind.

“No, no no no no, it is not possible and not right. We don’t have a visa but visa is not required, just the passport and two of us and it will be crazy”. He shouted, it is 12 hours and I smiled. It was 11 am when we looked for a flight to Fiji islands. It is known as the lonely island and I just wanted to go.

I am not stubborn, but if living a life out of a box then why not is fully out. My philosophies changes with time. We never fought in years and this could possibly be the last reason to fight. We got a flight at 1 pm and as it was a 12 hour flight and we had no clothes, we bought two jackets and went for security clearances.

“I am sorry, I am going to Fiji, miss me”- I texted my mom. He copy pasted it to his parents and the phones were off. The first 6 hours were spent in sleeping with one leg on him and his heavy neck on mine.all I could think about was Sun-drenched beaches, turquoise lagoons, swaying palm trees, a complete paradise. Just for a moment, it didn’t matter what would our parents think or worry. It was all coming true. It wasn’t being selfish but I choose to live a dream with my best friend was all that tornado brain could take it. Hence I slept too.

With the morning bliss, and sun rays clicked the lids of our eyes waking everyone and wishing to reach the island of my dreams, the sweet little hostess around serving tea and the captain announcing last few house left speech, I could live my entire life like this and it was nothing less than a heaven of dreams. It was all majestic.

Bula! Welcome to Fiji, read the first board after 12 hours of international flight. The fragrance of the white sand and the feel of glacier blue water, it was all there. Near the airport, we checked in at new banks hotel as we had a flight to the local island ”The Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands” which was nearly 3 hours from the Fiji international airport. Running on sand that sparkles like little diamonds and hiding behind tall palm trees from the rays of sun, wetting the feet in cold clean water the looked like a clear blue velvety blanket waving to jump in, it was all one dream that was coming true.

I had 5 mugs of yakona, which simply meant that I got drunk on our first trip. He held my hand and we ran to take our flight. 3 hours were just a blink away.

In the heart of Fiji islands, famously known for volcanic mountains, we were both in the middle to an ecstasy. It was wonderment moment to reach the sea desert, there was no moment to look back as we threw our bags in the room, showered and went to an exploration, an adventure of the two best friends.

The first thing was the hardest to choose among mesmerizing scuba diving or a trek to see the sunset.  The touch of fishes, corals underwater and feel of the over clear water took our breath away.

He would always go with my choice as he always said, “I don’t know about choices hon, I just see you face and figure out what u want”. The zebra fish and red coral reefs, the nemo fish and the blue stones, the water around us was like blanket, the sunrays were too hot that it was like a underwater diving under the hot flame. He would swirl down and I would follow him. But this wasn’t it when we decided to go for a thrilling jet boat ride down the Sigatoka River. This gave us an opportunity to stop in a Fiji village at night and a chance to stay with locals. On a jet safari, we were accompanied by an American family with 3 kids. They came there to spend summer time. The jet safari included white river rafting till the near village , Kola. A local village dance, he danced like a monkey and the a relishing dinner with starches. The food was different but was made with love and compassion of those villagers wishing us to come back soon. Sleeping late was not an option as our guided tour had a magnificent view of sunrise at 5 am sharp and hence we all slept and got up at 3:30 am to reach to the heights.

A red splash on the orange colors was visualized above us. The entire sky, doomed it original blue color and swayed to the colors of joy and love.

The last part of the tour included a flight to thounds of more feet above where we were standing.  He held me tight, hugged and kissed my head. I could live his happiness. It was not just feelings, I touched his excitement when i saw him looking at the sky divers floating like a fish in the ocean. I touched his face and it was touché.

We were doing it separately with the experts. They say dive, we jumped in the air full of clouds. I always wondered if clods were big loafs of cotton and I could jump on them but I waved off myself. They were smog. We spread our arms like a plane to feel the air pushing us right where we started. The gravity calling but the air wanted us stay, as if it wanted us to float more. I swirled that time and he followed me right at my back.

The parachutes, when opened, they pull you up so hard that I knew I would not wanted to touch the land again.

He came and I jumped him right in the middle of the forest we dropped ourselves into, we did it! The most scariest of all the adventure, skydiving was one of the greatest achievement for him and we did it all together was a trophy for me.

And here came the good bye time, standing on the airport and we looked back to say bye to Fiji when suddenly my alarm rang hard and I woke up.

I dreamt it all just in a night. I opened my eyes and texted him good morning.

             Sweet dreams and the end.



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  1. Amazing! This story sounds so real.

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  2. Amazing… Where you define gravity feeling one can imagine… Keep writing keep blogging…


  3. An amazing trip it would be ! Well Done 🙂

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