I Giggled

​                      A YELLOW SARI

I was nervous then as it was the day of my marriage. it is normal to be conscious on such days. her name was rina. she was the richest woman in the city, yet she loved me. But no, i was not sure if i loved her or not but yes we were getting married.

 Exactly three months before her father held my hand and clutched my shoulder and explained that his daughter had always been taken care as a princess and he wanted me to be her prince charming. His green eyes graved my soul. he did not hear if i wanted to be a prince or not as he was not only rich but very influential. 

I shifted to goa 6 months before to complete my novel on fishermen. Rina and I were never friends. She was proudy and pampered and simply not my type. She introduced herself when i accidently banged my suitcase in front of her car. she apologised to me and helped me to settle in my apartment. No doubt she was beautiful yet I conveyed my message of not being interested in her but she cut her hand and asked her father if he could make us get married. It took her 3 months to get this thing done. I was reluctant and reluctantly said yes.

I stood straight on that sandy ailse, smiled at our guests and looked for an escape. I only remembered the day I took a decision to finally come back to my mother land and finish the story my father left un published. He wanted to add more about fishermen and thier life. Hence, I landed to this place.

It was an island, small but owned by her father. there were few steamers around but all were guarded with guards and guns. i definetly had courage as i decided to leave France and come to India, but it all vanished till then. I had no time and no phone to contact my relatives for the rescue. My visa was valid for 5 years. 

I wore a stiched suit presented by Rina and her family. She was a designer and we were getting married in her style. I did not even know anything about her past, likes, her family or her dreams or he passion. I was simply getting married to an unknown ad unloved girl’s ego.

The announcement about the walking down of the bride with her bestman was made. Her bestman was her brother Rohnie, he was 6″2′ and was father of musculars, a gym spread with 70 branches all over the world. I was exactly half of Rohnie in all aspects. Rina, wore a long white gown with diamons and pearls studded all over it. She stood a km away and smiled at me. I smiled too. It was my first ever broaded and natural smile in those last few months and it was not for her. 

Prityusha, though never heard of her before but i felt as if i knew about her since long time like since forever. She was a journalist for national geographic magazine and she was her real sister but was never considered one. She had no  grace, style or no serenity. She could not stand on terms of thier father and hence was not accepted as a real family. She stayed in mumbai and worked around the globe. 

I looked at her and I smiled. She was the most beautiful women i had ever seen. While the rest of the crowd wore black or white with the best of the diamonds they can ever show, she was plain and simple and wore a yellow sari with no makeup and no jewellary. I knew she was the one i could hold and run along the sand till that one steamer, we would push those guards and would runaway to somewhere. 

Rina came and kissed me and we stood in front of each other. She good byed to her father and held my hand. I looked away, as i knew it would be my last glimpse of Prityusha. I looked to see if she was looking at me too but she wasnt.

I did not hear or see anything, I just could not. The only sentence that made me feel the numbness fading from my ears was when Rina said, “I DO”. 

Well, my name is ajay and i live on an island far away from the world. The only thing i am free to do is to publish my writings, and this is one of it. I cannot mention from where i belong or who am I at all. I live as a slave to Rina’s father. He did catch me and kept me here till my last breath but he allowed me to write. I eat drink watch tv sleep. 

I only write when I miss her eyes and that is the only memory i am left with. Its been 11 years since my last action. Jackie chan has always remained my hero, well his movies didnt really worked in real for me. 

When rina said, “I DO”, her eyes broadened when she asked me to say the same. I threw her hand back and ran, i held pretyusha with her arm, and looked at her green gleaming eyes and said, ” will you runaway with me”? all those hindi movies turned into a real picture when it all became slow motion. all i could see was her eyes and silence to listen the echo of her words saying “YES” and She said, yes and we started running towards the steamer. 

Didnt i mention that thier father was very influential and powerfull and I obviously knew that those guards had guns but i was not sure if they would shoot me. I gained over confidence and opened my eyes after 7 days in a hospital. 

Since then till now, 11 years in total, i am living on the same island. i have all the facilites except to leave this place.

He simply said, if i plan to escape from this island or tried to contact her, he would simply kill her.

” love is not being together, love is living with a thought that she is alive”

         it was my love at first sight story.  



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  1. Aww, so sad is unrequited love. The true love he didn’t get to marry made me feel bad. I have made poor choices in relationships. One must listen to your heart. ❤

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  2. Welcome to that little voice and thank you for following my blog.


  3. Beautifully written Sakshi. Way to go girl. 👍


  4. Nice blog


  5. Great job.. well done. . Proud of you


  6. Nyc blog 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Must read …!!!


  7. Hey sakshi….!!!!

    Osm….. blogging art🤗

    Keep blogging and uh will be a renowned blogger in upcoming times…..😃

    Best of luck for ur first story….and keep writing more…..👍👍👌👌


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